Retirement Account Investing

Today’s most successful managed investors work with some of the best tools in the industry, combining indexing mutual funds with the success of tried and tested principals from years of investment knowledge and experience. We recognize you and your family have spent years working to build up a retirement nest-egg to ensure a safe retirement. Unfortunately, much of the wealth gained over the last two decades has seen a huge hit as financial markets came crashing down during the recent financial crisis.

Fortunately, our investment principles have been able to successfully weather the storms of the meltdown and have give our investors more-than-positive financial returns over the last several years, in most cases averaging 16%. We work directly with our clients to ensure they are able to maintain their income level and standard of living they had prior to exiting the work force, ensuring their retirement does drastically alter the way they live.

We also hold strongly to the mantra that your retirement funds are your own. As such, we work to provide support for direct investment in retirement accounts controlled by you and you alone. For instance, by setting up your self-directed IRA account you have checkbook access to your retirement funds, giving you very timely access to make rapid and sure investment decisions in anything from bullion silver/gold to below market real estate investments. When the stock market feels out of your control, we revel in the fact that we’re helping to put the funds of your retirement nest egg back in your hands, giving you the ability to manage and take ownership of your returns.

Whatever your approach to investing in your future and your retirement, we can help. Contact a financial advisor today.