Self Directed IRA

Self-Directed IRA

Performing an IRA rollover to a Self-Directed IRA LLC gives the custodian the ability to avoid transaction costs, distribution penalties and custodial delays when purchasing and investing in real estate and small businesses.

Become the custodian of your own future by grasping control over your retirement funds.

Tax liens, personal loans, privately-held businesses, and real estate are all areas in which your retirement funds can be put to effective use. With checkbook control over your individual retirement account funds, you can now tap the purchasing power locked within your IRA or 401k. Tapping the power locked in the assets you hold without early distribution and tax penalties is a huge benefit to you and your family. Doing so before you retire will give you more opportunity and control over your destiny.

Often referred to as a checkbook IRA or real estate IRA, this unique financial instrument allows its user to make hard asset purchases on the spot simply by writing a check. As the custodian of your IRA LLC you can now diversify account monies from traditional SEPs, Keoghs, IRAs, 401(k)s, and 403(b)s into more secure, yet highly lucrative investments–all while finding the benefit of tax-deferred profits to your retirement portfolio.

As the custodian and controller of your self-directed individual retirement account, you will glean the following benefits:

  • Invest in both traditional and non-traditional investments including stocks, bonds, mortgage notes, foreign real estate, liens, etc.
  • Make personal loans by simply writing a check from your IRA.
  • Acquire foreclosed or distressed real estate by making a checkbook IRA purchase on the spot.
  • Realize tax-deferred profits by investing in commercial and residential investment properties with your new real estate IRA.
  • Be your own manager of your rental properties owned by your IRA and save time and valuable money and resources.
  • Purchase a retirement home at today’s prices and rent it until you plan on occupation later.

While there are some few and limited areas where your checkbook IRA may find To learn how thousands have already made the self-directed IRA LLC the foundation of their financial success.